Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mommy Proof #38: Snow days are STOOPID!

I have learned a few things after being cooped up in the house with four children.

 1. Snow days are STOOPID!
 2. Snow is STOOPID!
 3. Falling precipitation in freezing temperatures is STOOPID!
 4. Time can literally stand still.
 5. You may not cherish these moments.
 6. Your kids are not as cute as you may have thought that they were...
 7. Sayings like, "He got that from his father's side..." have never been more true.
 8. You can't run away from home in 7 inches of snow and ice. You have to walk very slowly. That gives kids a chance to catch up to you.
 9. Snowball fights shouldn't be initiated by a mother that has cabin fever. You may maniacally do it as a torturous comeback for everything they did to you that day.
10. Make them hot chocolate and cherish these moments. :-/

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